Conditioner may be all you need to get that soft hair you always wanted

Ever envy someone who has that soft hair but yours are just so mess up till you couldn't even stand it sometimes? Well, you may just be needing a hair conditioner to solve the frustration of trying to get your hair right.

Often, we only think it's enough to shampoo our hair or we just use the wrong methods for applying the conditioner. So, above shows exactly how the correct method of using a hair conditioner will be like.


What does a hair conditioner do then?
It helps to moisture your hair and replenishes nutrients so that it will be easier to manage and you can avoid all the nasty tangles easily. You should always shampoo your hair to cleanse away the dirt before conditioning which then produce a soft and clean hair that's ready to go. A good tip is that if you use a hair conditioner, avoid putting it on the scalp as it is only meant for your hair ends.Only put appropriate amount as suggested by the product instructions.It is also very important to wait for the product to absorb before proceeding to rinse it away.You wouldn't want to waste all that effort you put to your hair.


Is there any product I can put on my scalp without worrying it can cause anything to it?

Yes! We highly recommend you to explore our new CHANAMU scalp and hair conditioner which is totally safe to spread it on the scalp and hair.


Pair it with our CHANAMU shampoo to get the best result. 

Else, you may also get the individual to try it out.


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