CHUGA [ 추가 ] is founded by a Korean businessman who is also the owner of the korean hair salon, dusol beauty hair salon
 추가 is chosen for the store name because of the founder's family surname 'CHU'. Hence, we created a online lifestyle store for consumers to experience the best of our specially selected products. Being a businessman, schedule is always hectic for the korean founder thus, he truly believes everyone deserves to have the best after a day of hard work to pamper yourself and makes life more relax and enjoyable.Follow us to get the latest updates as we are constantly experimenting and bringing you the best of everything.
 We are also the official store for CHANAMU,
OLIVETTA and JOHN & JACK which are our 
own brands which we researched to solve 
the hair problems that most of the
people may be facing. 
If you are constantly worried about hair care, CHUGA [ 추가 ] is the store for you! For now, we sell all sorts of hair products and tools that are highly raved by top stylists and used by most of the best rated salon ensuring you are definitely in good hands.